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We provide software to help you manage volunteers and/or patients at your events.

Volunteer Management

Starting at only $89/year our SPARK volunteer management system provides volunteer management software includes registration and reporting features, and advanced automation to help you to easily manage thousands of volunteer records. The text and email features allow you to quickly send customized messages to volunteers.

Productivity Features

VSpark allows you to automate assignment reminders, make mass changes to events and assignments, automatically process waitlisted volunteers, and send out bulk communications to subsets of volunteers. Volunteers can even pull their own attendance reports.

Mobile Data

Both the volunteer and patient software share data with SPARK’s mobile system to allow secure, real-time reporting of volunteer and patient statistics. How many teeth were pulled? How many dogs were seen at the veterinary clinic? How many interpreters do we have today that speak French?

Paper Management

The patient software allows paper records to be scanned and securely stored with the patient's electronic service record.

Patient Management

SPARK’s patient management software allows you to register patients, record services provided and track real-time statistics to help you manage your event. It also allows you to store and manage your paper records.

Event Capacity Tools

SPARK software helps you to manage your event’s capacity. With real-time reporting, service calculations and projections, the system can help you serve as many people as possible.

About us

The Spark systems are used by some of the largest volunteer operations in the country.

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Thanks to the following sponsors who provide SPARK free or discounted services allowing us to offer free and affordable rates to communities producing humanitarian events.


Bymikew Mar 28, 2017

Seattle/King County Clinic

Thanks to the SPARK registration systems our events are now a lot easier to manage! First and foremost, it’s easy for volunteers to use and und